Thank you for your interest in being an Advance College Project instructor. As part of the application process, you will need to upload:

  1. A teaching resume that details degrees earned, positions held, publications, and courses taught.
  2. A list of all undergraduate and graduate content area courses you have taken in the subject you are applying for, specifying course name, course title, and grade earned. This list is in addition to transcripts.
  3. Readable copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
  4. A personal statement that addresses all the following:
    1. What have you done to differentiate honors or advanced courses from their regular college preparatory counterparts?
    2. When you consider what topic or skill that students find the most challenging to master, what instructional strategies do you use to help students gain mastery? Limit your answer to topics covered in college preparatory courses.
    3. In your view, what are the key differences between a high school-level course in your content area and a college-level course in your content area? Please keep in mind that Advanced Placement courses are high school courses for which students may earn college credit based on exam performance. The courses themselves are not college courses.
    4. Since graduating from college, what professional experiences have led to further developing your content knowledge?
  5. Instructional materials you created that demonstrate the level of rigor in the most advanced course you teach in the subject you are applying for. At the least, these materials should include a narrative description of the course, syllabus, projects or assignments, and final exams. Select materials that will establish to the faculty reviewer that you are experienced in challenging students to think at higher levels. Materials should be teacher-created; do not include College Board or AP-created materials.
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We recommend you have these materials ready prior to beginning the application.