Spring 2020

BIOL-T 582, Advanced Field Zoology

Course Dates: 1/13/2020 - 5/8/2020

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Course Description

This course will cover areas related to ecology- specifically in the areas of wildlife biology, wildlife management, and conservation biology. There will be some bias towards vertebrate and behavioral ecology since my research is centered in these areas. The topics we will be discussing overlap many areas of biology and incorporate some chemistry and physics as well. In addition, you will develop skills that will permit you to analyze and interpret data and, most importantly, formulate your own ideas.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Learning Materials

Problem-solving in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management (2nd edition), Gibbs et al.


End of Module Evaluations: 550 points
Research Project: 250 points
Laboratory Activities: 200 points
Total: 1000 points or
Class participation (instructor's discretion): 100 points
Total: 1100 points