Spring 2020

ENG-G 660, Stylistics

Course Dates: 1/13/2020 - 5/8/2020

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Course Description

This course explores the way texts mean and how readers understand texts. We will look at the linguistic history of stylistics by referencing various literary theories, and we'll learn to analyze the style of both literary and non-literary texts. We will also explore grammar from traditional and structuralist perspectives. We will examine the parts of speech in detail and the underlying sentence structures.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Learning Materials

Jeffries, Lesley and McIntyre, Dan. Stylistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Morenberg, Max. Doing Grammar. 5th Ed. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2014.


Weekly Exercises: 30%
Stylistic Analysis: 15%
Essay: 15%
Quizzes: 10%
Discussion Forum: 10%
Participation: 5%
Exams: 15%