State Authorizations

All IU Online programs are currently authorized or exempt from seeking authorization in all states and territories. These authorizations are sustained through the continued membership of all IU campuses in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), which now includes 49 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico as state members. Indiana University is exempt from seeking authorization to offer online programs (and can therefore legally offer these programs) in California, currently the only non-SARA member state, and non-SARA territories American Samoa, and Guam. Exemptions are based on Indiana University's status as a public, nonprofit institution, with accredited programs, and a lack of activity that would establish a "physical presence" as defined by state law.

However, individual program requirements, such as supervised field experiences, may not be available in all states. If you wish to enroll in an otherwise online program with an on-the-ground component that you intend to complete outside of Indiana, please contact the department for additional guidance.

Additionally, please note that obtaining legal authorization to offer programs in a state is a distinct process from obtaining recognition or approval from state licensing bodies that regulate certain professions, such as teaching or nursing. It is therefore possible that programs related to state-licensed professions are being offered in a state but will not satisfy the sometimes unique educational requirements for becoming licensed in that same state. More information about licensure is provided here.

You can also check on your state's authorization status by hovering over it on the map below.