Summer 2021

Course Number Course Title Credits Campus
BIOL-T 571Introductory Biochemistry3East
BIOL-T 577Molecular Genetics and Genomics3Bloomington
BIOL-T 585Model Organisms in Research3Bloomington
BIOL-T 592Social Implications of Biology3Northwest

Course Number Course Title Credits Campus
CHEM-T 550Introductory Biochemistry3East
CHEM-T 570Nuclear Chemistry3South Bend
CHEM-T 590Chemistry Capstone3East

Course Number Course Title Credits Campus
CMCL-C 545Pedagogy in Communication and Culture3East
COMM-C 544Advanced Relational Communication3South Bend

Course Number Course Title Credits Campus
EDUC-H 520Social Issues in Education3East
EDUC-J 500Instruction in the Context of Curriculum3Kokomo
EDUC-P 507Assessment in Schools3South Bend
EDUC-Y 520Strategies for Educational Inquiry3Bloomington

Course Number Course Title Credits Campus
ENG-G 655History of the English Language4Northwest
ENG-L 553Studies in Literature, Irish Drama: Samuel Beckett4South Bend
ENG-L 553Studies in Literature: Women in Emma Donoghue's Historical Fiction4Kokomo
ENG-L 625Readings in Shakespeare: Shakespeare, Performance, and the Present4Northwest
ENG-L 635Readings in Ethnic American Ethnic Literature and Culture4Southeast
ENG-R 546Rhetoric and Public Culture4Bloomington
ENG-W 500Teaching Composition: Issues and Approaches4Kokomo
ENG-W 500Teaching Composition: Issues and Approaches4IUPUI
ENG-W 501Practicum on the Teaching of Composition4East
ENG-W 508Creative Writing for Teachers4IUPUI
ENG-W 509Introduction to Writing and Literacy Studies4IUPUI
ENG-W 590Teaching Composition: Theories and Applications4East
ENG-W 600Topics in Rhetoric and Composition - Teaching Technical Writing4East
ENG-W 602Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric and Composition4Bloomington
ENG-W 682Special Topics in Rhetoric and Composition: Connecting Reading and Writing4East

Course Number Course Title Credits Campus
FRIT-F 651Contemporary France on Film3Bloomington
SPAN-T 530Spanish Through Cultural Expressions3IUPUI
SPAN-T 560Hispanic Sociolinguistics3Bloomington

Course Number Course Title Credits Campus
HIST-T 510Historical Methodology3IUPUI
HIST-T 540The Long Nineteenth Century, 1800-19173Southeast
HIST-T 590Graduate Research Seminar in History3East

Course Number Course Title Credits Campus
MATH-T 601Topics in Algebra: Number Theory3East
MATH-T 620Topics in Topology/Geometry: Topology 13Kokomo
MATH-T 650Topics in Probability/Stats: Theory of Probability 13East

Course Number Course Title Credits Campus
POLS-Y 567Public Opinion: Approaches and Issues3Southeast
POLS-Y 657Comparative Politics3Bloomington
POLS-Y 675Political Philosophy3South Bend

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