Student Services

As an Indiana University student, you have access to world-class resources to support your online learning.

Whether you need guidance on your application, a better understanding of how to get started in Canvas, or help with a paper, IU Online offers the support you need.


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We are delighted to help you get started on your pathway to a degree. Contact:

Student Financial Services

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Having a financial plan is important to your success as a student. A team of student finance specialists is here to help, with tools and advice for managing financial aid, your student account, and your overall finances. Contact:


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Interactive online modules help you get ready for the online classroom and connect with essential resources and support. Contact:

Success Coaching

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Getting into "back-to-school" mode is not always easy. Our success coaches work with you to help identify vital resources and deadlines, set goals, and map out your plan for success. Contact:

Math Support Services

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Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, the Online Math Center can help with questions 24/7 for courses up to Calculus I. Contact:

Writing Support Services

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From brainstorming to comma splices, the Online Writing Center can help with short assignments or major projects 24/7. Contact:

Career Services

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Get an edge on the job market with guidance and support from career experts. You will have access to resume resources, career search tools, and personalized coaching to meet your goals.

Academic Advising

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Advisors will help you meet degree requirements and choose courses—but their biggest contribution is helping you to explore your interests, determine your best path, and take advantage of opportunities.


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Need to use the library? As an IU Online student, you have access to the library resources of your home campus through its website.


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As an IU Online student, you have access to Indiana University's state-of-the-art technology. You can download software, and receive answers to your technology questions 24/7.